On Demand Services

At The Safe Money Man Financial Group, we offer educational tools that clients, referrals, or prospects can access anytime and anywhere. Our virtual education theater provides a variety of topics of interest to our clients.

Virtual Education Center

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Ministry Solutions

Through customized ministry planning services, Safe Money Man addresses all the needs of the leadership within African American church culture. We specialize in the three critical factors that devastate 95 percent of African American churches in America.

The Melchizedek program provides a comprehensive and customized plan for presiding bishops, chief apostles, archbishops, regional bishops, jurisdictional prelates, general overseers, first administrative assistants, mothers, supervisors, superintendents, pastors, prophets, prophetess, elders, evangelists, and missionaries.

Focus on your ministry and edifying the Body of Christ, we’ll provide you with the financial added peace of mind.

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Retirement Planning

We create customized plans designed to address the needs of pre-retirees and post-retirees. Our services help to provide practical solutions to prevent you from running out of income.  How to prepare for catastrophic care expenses, and finally how to legally reduce the amount of taxes you will pay throughout your retirement years.

For many, when to take Social Security benefits is one of the biggest decisions retirees will make. The Social Security Administration offers many ways to claim your benefits. Furthermore, SSA employees provide NO ADVICE to help you determine when is the best time to draw your benefits.

With a proven system, we help our clients discover how to maximize their Social Security benefits and which vehicles are the best for achieving their retirement goals.

Estate Planning

Safe Money Man partners with some of the nation’s best estate planning attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents to provide a comprehensive financial plan that helps to minimize your tax liability.

Many believe that estate planning is only for the rich and famous, but that could not be further from the truth. Estate planning creates a map for others to follow, so you know exactly where your money will go.

Estate Planning allows you to give:

  • To Who You Want
  • When You Want
  • How You Want

Estate planning gives you control over your assets because you created the plan. This plan has to be followed; you have complete control over the use of your money.

Work with our team of professionals and ensure that your loved ones receive everything that you worked a lifetime to achieve.